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Who has the right to submit a petition?

The petition can be submitted by any adult citizen of Montenegro, as well as a foreigner with permanent residence in Montenegro who has an identity card for foreigners.

How long does it take to vote on petitions?

The deadline for signing the petition is 60 days from the moment it becomes open for voting.

How long does it take for the submitted petition to become open for voting?

The competent ministry assesses whether the nominated petition meets the conditions for submission. If it decides that the petition meets the prescribed conditions, the ministry publishes the petition on the "Voice of Citizens - e-Petitions" portal within 20 working days of submission. If the petition does not meet the prescribed conditions, the competent ministry rejects it. In both cases, the petitioner receives a notification by e-mail.

Will the government accept every petition that receives 3,000 votes?

The Government reserves the right to reject a petition supported by 3,000 or more citizens if it considers that it conflicts with strategic commitments or key national or foreign policy priorities for which the Government has received a mandate from the Parliament of Montenegro.

What happens to voted petitions?

If the petition, within 60 days, receives at least 3,000 votes of support, the competent ministry will, within 20 working days, translate it into a formal initiative and submit it to the Government for consideration.

Who manages the "Voice of Citizens - e-Petitions" project?

This project is managed by the Ministry of Public Administration.

Who and in what way manages the personal data of the petitioner and the signatory?

The personal data of the submitter and the signatory of the petition are managed by the Ministry of Public Administration, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Who can I ask questions about the functioning of the "Voice of Citizens" platform?

You can ask questions about the functioning of the "Voice of Citizens - e-Petitions" platform via e-mail: